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EASI's Programs

"The Northern Virginia SEC community gardeners work with youngsters after school to grow food and flowers"

EASI SEC volunteers provide education and training in a wide variety of environmental activities at special events.  Pennsylvania designated trainers* representing several SECs pose here at one of those events.  *Please see the PaSEC program page for more information about designated trainers.


A sampling of EASI's programs and activities.

Abandoned Mine Drainage Program 

Brownfields Research and Initiatives for Community Revitalization 

Caring for Creation 

Children's Environmental Health Program 

EASI Ambassadors Program 

Energy Conservation Programs 

Environmental Education Programs 

Environmental Health Programs 

Environmental Monitoring Programs 

Environmental Restoration Programs 

Green Gym   

Home Guard   

Homeland Security 

International Initiatives 

Local Senior Environment Corps Initiatives 

National Source Water Protection Youth Project 

National Parks Natural Resource Laureate Program

Oklahoma Blue Thumb 

Statewide Senior Environment Corps   

Orphan Wells 

Partners Against Weeds 

Pennsylvania Senior Environment Corps  

Pollution Prevention Programs


Source Water Protection Program 

Virginia Senior Environment Corps 

Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer Senior Ranger Corps 

West Nile Virus Program

Wetlands Assessment Project  

World Water Monitoring Day

For more information about any of these programs contact EASI at [email protected].

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