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Environmental Restoration Programs

EASI Environmental Restoration activities range from watershed restoration to local beautification projects. To monitor and restore local watersheds, trained volunteers work with local officials, landowners and environmental groups to develop plans to improve the quality of water in the watersheds. The plans are then implemented by multi-generational teams and monitored regularly to evaluate the impact of the work done. Volunteers also distribute environmental education materials.  They are directly involved in the hands-on care of animals and plants.  They serve as docents and guides.  They may build birdhouses for bluebirds or plant trees and seedlings in designated areas and then monitor and maintain these areas.

Volunteers work with local environmental groups on one-time projects or in continuing efforts such as creating a community garden or beautifying a neighborhood.  They work with community youth to build park trails, produce park signs, clean areas of debris, collect materials for recycling, manage recycling centers, and gather and repair bicycles for resale or donation.

They participate in park and garden projects at local, state, and federal parks and at private facilities that benefit the public.  Volunteers help interpret highly technical information for the general public where contaminated Superfund sites or “Brownfields” are being addressed.  They plant trees as buffer strips along waterways or roadways to address water, noise, or air pollution. As volunteer observers, they maintain watches on sensitive ecosystems and report potential pollution problems to the appropriate authorities.   

EASI volunteers work in co-operation with host organization such as Retired Senior Volunteer Programs, senior centers, religious organizations, local governments, and others all across America. Every project has a distinct local priority, and our senior volunteers benefit their entire community, leaving a legacy for future generations.  


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