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National Parks Natural Resources Laureate Project

In May 2003, EASI and the National Park Service partnered to launch an exciting new program.  EASI will be working with the National Park Service to recruit and manage senior volunteers and interns to work in our national parks as research scientists to help better understand the natural and cultural resources legacy. Our inaugural team was selected from a pool of talented and well-rounded enthusiastic volunteers from all over the United States. These initial six Laureate Coordinators along with Tom Benjamin, President of EASI, flew to Colorado to the Denver Park Headquarters at the end of June for a three- day training session. They were able to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park and meet with Park Officials and bond as a group. Jon Holmes of Fauquier County, Virginia will serve as the National Laureate Coordinator. The rest of the initial team consists of James and Peggy Mason of Huntsville, Alabama, Earl Talley of Arab, Alabama, Richard Stephenson of Hillsville, Virginia and George Benson of Lake Oswego, Oregon. They will be in contact with several interested Parks around the country to determine what their needs are and how the NRL program can provide them with volunteers for research projects. 

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