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Join In the Fun: World Water Monitoring Day - October 18, 2003

The Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) is partnering with America's Clean Water Foundation and the International Water Association, as well as the USEPA, USDA, USGS, USACOE, state and interstate agencies, local governments and a host of global partners for World Water Monitoring Day on October 18, 2003.

This event, which began last year as National Water Monitoring Day in the United States, is a simple, fun and safe hands-on experience that introduces global citizens to opportunities for educating people about water quality in their local watersheds. EASI was a primary partner for the 2002 event and we want to play an even larger and more important role on the world stage.

The monitoring period this year will begin on September 18 and conclude on October 18, as we celebrate World Water Monitoring Day. Everyone, from first-time monitors to experienced water quality professionals, can join together to make World Water Monitoring Day a success. 

EASI members are encouraged become involved again this year. Monitoring Day is now expanding globally with the opportunity to educate the world's citizens with the need to protect Earth's water resources. Members may register sites and report data on the World Water Monitoring Day website. ACWF and IWA encourage all participants to select a specific site and adopt it as their own, collecting data each year at the same site. In this way, your observations of trends can be shared throughout the world. . EASI members can also serve a valuable role as mentors to young people or other neighbors in their community by taking the lead and creating a community outing or a classroom field trip for students.  

EASI water monitoring programs using EASI's database at https://www.environmentaleducation.org may enter their data there, as usual. EASI will provide the data to World Water Monitoring Day partners at the end of the reporting period. 

To participate in this event, or to learn more, log on to https://www.worldwatermonitoringday.org.

Information about World Water Monitoring Day, site registration and reporting and test kit orders are all contained on the site. For questions or comments, please contact Ed Moyer, ACWF's World Water Monitoring Day Coordinator at [email protected] or 202-746-8493.

Come join in the fun and help protect the waters of the world!

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