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West Nile Virus Program

Barry Stump, volunteer leader, York County PaSEC

Barry uses his skills of teaching and his commitment to the environment to make a difference in people‚Äôs lives in his home county of York, Pennsylvania. He worked with Eagle Scout Andy Shanbarger on the West Nile Virus project. He has been with the York County PaSEC for almost 7 years. 

The York County PaSEC West Nile Virus program was coordinated by volunteer Barry Stump with the County Conservation District.  The District approached the PaSEC to get something up and running as quickly as possible since trying to "hire" enough people and train them would be a challenge.  They agreed to provide funding to the PaSEC for the services.  Barry Stump and other volunteers agreed to setting up dipping sites, and reporting their data/collection information to the County Conservation District.  

Barry Stump worked with Eagle Scout Candidate, Andrew Shanbarger to develop tracking and computer entry of the results at the specified locations. There were press releases and resulting articles in the local media.  The Eagle Scout was the second of two Eagles from the same troop to have worked on and successfully completed Eagle projects to benefit the environment in conjunction with the PaSEC in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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