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Environmental Health Programs

EASI environmental health volunteers are trained to work   in a  variety of campaigns to educate their communities about public health related issues. EASI volunteers work in cooperation with host organizations such as Retired Senior Volunteer programs, senior centers, religious organizations, local governments, all across America. Volunteers educate homeowners about such dangers  as indoor radon or asbestos, lead in drinking water, and lead poisoning prevention.  They collect samples of mosquito larvae to be tested for the spreading of West Nile Virus and have begun a campaign to eliminate mosquito breeding areas.

They work with gardening organizations to help establish gardens accessible to people who are homebound or use wheelchairs. Volunteers may also make presentations to civic and educational groups about specific environmental health concerns. Whatever the community health concern, EASI’s  quality-assured training will result in informed volunteers ready to take on specific tasks and give informed answers. Training includes how to develop effective presentations as public speakers and how to involve the entire community in a project. EASI’s prepared scripts help volunteers teach homeowners how to seal old lead paint cans, how to have a drinking water tested for lead, and how to find a certified asbestos remediation contractor.

Gardening activities require training in horticulture, plants specific to the area, and community resources available to the handicapped.  Working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Master Gardeners program or Garden Clubs of America, volunteers can create elevated gardens accessible to people confined to wheelchairs, as well as window or other indoor gardens that are a source of inspiration and comfort to the housebound. Health-related programs are supported by local and state health and environmental departments, as well as local businesses and federal government agencies.

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