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Pollution Prevention Program

EASI volunteer pollution prevention programs implement activities that prevent or reduce pollution, and educate communities, small businesses, and individuals about wiser use and safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Senior Environment Corps volunteers inform their communities about the environmentally-intelligent use of fertilizers and pesticides, and about natural resources conservation.

They paint storm drains with environmental messages to let citizens know they should not pour used oil, leftover paint or other hazardous materials down storm drains.

They go door-to-door with community-sponsored messages about the need to dispose properly of household hazardous wastes. They work with community recycling programs to develop used oil collection strategies, including designing local drop off points. They staff collection points for community household hazardous waste collection days. Working closely with professionals trained to handle hazardous wastes, EASI volunteers help communities protect local natural resources and save significant financial resources.

EASI volunteers are trained extensively to carry out pollution prevention activities. They make educational presentations in classrooms, to adult groups, and at special events.

Pollution prevention programs often identify and recruit seniors who have technical expertise from their careers, to assist small businesses with pollution prevention practices. Because these volunteers are not part of the environmental regulatory structure, they offer credibility and confidence to businesses and community groups that want to help improve environmental quality but are concerned about allowing regulators access to organizational procedures. Since pollution prevention saves the community and the business resources, EASI volunteers perform a valuable service to everyone involved.

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SEC volunteers and younger generations paint storm drains with warnings that prevent pollution by citizens.


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