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Children's Environmental Health Program

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Children's Environmental Health Program

EASI's Children's Environmental Health Program is a 5-year community education plan under an EASI-EPA cooperative agreement, to recruit and train older Americans to educate their communities on environmental hazards that negatively impact the health of children in the community. Senior volunteers in EASI Senior Environment Corps from Pennsylvania to Montana are beginning their work with children in local schools and community groups, educating them about a variety of factors and habits that can negatively impact their health, while offering ways to avoid these hazards and hazardous behaviors. 

Assisting EASI staff with this project is an outstanding committee of the highest caliber, with extensive backgrounds in public health and environmental issues, who will oversee production of materials and program content. The members of this committee are retired officers of the U.S. Public Health Service, former Assistant Surgeons General of the U.S., Presidents of the American Public Health Association, university professors, environmental scientists, and a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. 

Once the materials are developed, EASI's Ambassadors-trained senior volunteers with experience in environmental senior volunteer programs - will work with project sites to develop mentoring teams of retired health officials and other professionals to assist projects in their own communities across the United States. EASI's training manual for the project will contain the materials needed by these volunteers in making their presentations in the community. Volunteers will also utilize an EASI Children's Environmental Health tool kit containing fun tools and "toys" that interface with lessons covered in some detail, in a language that can be understood by 3rd through 5th graders, in our accompanying educational manual, on such timely and important topics as surface and ground water, indoor/outdoor air, toxic substances, environmentally healthy lifestyles, and environmental injuries. 

Whatever the community health concern, EASI's quality-assured training provides informed volunteers ready to work with teachers, other community leaders, and directly with the children, to give them solid information in an interesting format so they can make better choices with regard to their health. Volunteer training includes how to develop effective presentations as public speakers and how to involve both the children and the entire community in this program. 

These children's environmental health programs are supported by local and state health and environmental departments, as well as local businesses and federal government agencies. 

For more information, please contact Karen Caron at [email protected] or by phone at 540.788.3274. 9292 Old Dumfries Rd, Catlett VA 20119 Phone: (540)788-3274 Fax: (540)788-9301 [email protected] WWW.EASI.ORG

Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement

Children's Environmental Health Committee

Chairman: Dr. V.Harry Adrounie, Past President of APHA, a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, is an environmental scientist and registered sanitarian who holds one doctorate in environmental health and another in public health.
A founder of MALEHA, he has served as a member of Michigan State's Hazardous Waste Policy Committee and the Michigan underground Storage Tank Finance Assurance Policy Board. He is a former director of the Berrien County (Mich., U.S.A.) Environmental Health Division and currently is the chairman of the Barry County (Mich., U.S.A.) Solid Waste Oversight Committee and the County Solid Waste Planning Committee. Adrounie studied and taught environmental health issues for more than 61 years, at the University of Hawaii, the American University in Armenia and in Beirut, as well as in the Middle East and South America. He has often been called upon as a consultant by state, national and international institutions. He has received many awards, including the World Safety Organization's "Safety Person of the Year" award for 1993 and serves on UL's Environmental and Public Health (EPH) Council.

Dr. Jerry M. Michael, Sc.D., Dr.P.H., D.E.E._ Retired Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service, Assistant Surgeon General USPHS (Retired) Emeritus Dean & Professor of Public Health, University of Hawaii and Professor of Global Health, George Washington University.


Dr. John Todd _ Retired Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service, now active in public health/preventative medical work with "Hands of Love", People Helping People missions overseas and in the US.

RADM(Ret.) Webster Young, Jr. _ Retired Admiral, 33 years with U.S. Public Health Service; former Senior Advisor in the Office of Emergency Preparedness

Dr. Bob Cutting _ President Elect of the Emeritus Conference of APHA; physician, Retired U.S. Army Brig. General; M.S. in Public Health; long active in preventative medicine.

Larry Gordon _ Is an Adjunct Professor at the Univ. of New Mexico. He has served as New Mexico Cabinet Secretary for Health and Environment; Founding Director, New Mexico Scientific Laboratory System; Founding Director, New Mexico Environmental Improvement Agency; Founding Director, Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Env. Health Dept; and President, American Public Health Association.

Keynote Presentation
Colorado Environmental Health Association
September 12, 2001

(Published in Journal of Public Health Policy)

Based on “Leadership: The Road Less Traveled,” presented to the Rocky Mountain Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership, January 23, 2002

MOUNDS And Memories


Jack B. Hatlen, M.S. _ Has been in the environmental health field for 50+ years; presently Assoc. Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Environmental Health, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

William H. Mansfield, III _ Senior Advisor to the Exec. Director, North American Regional Office, United Nations Environment Programme; former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, and deputy Exec. Director of UNEP.


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